And They Didn’t Even Have To Set The Knesset On Fire

Van der Lubbe. His name was Marinus van der Lubbe. He was a Dutchman, and had he lived in Israel of July 2020, he would’ve been crowned Leftist. Extreme Leftist even. But Marinus van der Lubbe was executed 86 years ago, because 87 years ago he set fire to Nazi Germany’s Reichstag, as part of a Leftist (communist) conspiracy to overthrow the elected government. Or at least that’s what the elected government wanted the Reich citizens to know about him.

For four weeks Adolf Hitler’s government served, until the Reichstag building was set on fire, and four weeks after the fire, the German House of Representatives passed the Enabling Act of 1933, which allowed the German government to bypass the House itself, and enact laws and regulations as it found necessary, to bring relief to the distress of the Reich citizens, as the title of the law reads.

The role the elected German government reserved for Van der Lubbe was far greater than burning the Reichstag building. Moreover, there is widespread agreement among historians that he was unable to carry out the burning of the building alone, in view of the numerous hotspots and means used to carry out the fire. Van der Lubbe got help from the SA, and he didn’t even know they were helping him.

But Van der Lubbe’s role did not end, as mentioned, with setting the building on fire. His role was to help Hitler’s young government emasculate the power of the House of Representatives and establish a dictatorial regime, with the cooperation or at least with the tacit consent of the Reich citizens. After all, when the Left is setting fire to the House of Representatives, it is indeed an emergency, and the government should therefore be allowed to exert full power and authority so that it can save the People and the Homeland from the dark forces that rise to annihilate them. And in that sense, Van der Lubbe’s role was a complete success.

If Van der Lubbe had lived in Israel of July 2020, he would have been titled as an extreme Leftist, but it is highly doubtful that he would be able to set fire to the Knesset building. For in Israel of July 2020, no one would have helped him set the fire on. Not because there is no one in its government who thinks the Left is trying to overthrow the elected government (there is), nor because there is no one in the Likud ruling party who thinks that burning the Knesset, or the Supreme Court building, is a good idea (there is), or because there would not be anyone who could carry out the fire (there would). But mainly because there is simply no need whatsoever to burn anything.

In Israel of July 2020, the fire is the Coronavirus pandemic, and the Israeli government is using it to create a crisis that is being followed by misrepresentation and misleading of emergency situation campaign, in order to win the people’s cooperation or tacit consent. And after the House of Representatives passed the Intelligence Services legislation which allows spying after all of its citizens, it also passed a law that allows the government to bypass the House of Representatives itself, so that it can enact laws and regulations as it deems necessary to bring relief to the distress of the People and the Homeland, without anyone having to burn anything, except maybe what left over from democracy.


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