The Shape of White Supremacy

A group of people who think they are allowed to do everything because they are certain that God is on their side, captures a creature that weak and different and inferior and rejected people who can not choose a side call it GOD. If the creature is God or not, it yet to be decided. But until it turns out, the people who have the divine superiority for themselves want to experiment with the God of the people who can not ask him to take side. They want to see what can be taken from someone who has been marked as God by people who claim that a creature that can heal pain, disease and wounds and revive mortal is actually what God was supposed to be, if it existed truly and not only in fantasy.

There is no God. There is no god but the God of white supremacy. As a proof, he who is supposed to be God is a green creature with scales and gills tied up in chains in a pool of green salty water in a torture facility of white supremacy. And if he is there then he can not be God, and white superiority can, because it imprisoned him there. And if God of the weak and the different and the inferior and the rejected is locked in prison, then any white supremacist can throw a pair of blacks or an aging homosexual from the restaurant where he is a waiter because he has the power to decide who is allowed and who is not allowed to step where white supremacy walks.

There is no God but white supremacy. White superiority must therefore destroy and terminate the strange green God. The debate within White supremacy is only about how. One group claims that one must first take from God all that is possible and only then kill him, and another group demands that he be terminated immediately. Either way, if God is destroyed, the white supremacy finally reaches the spike of the tower.

But in its arrogance, when white supremacy thinks it is winning, that it can reach the spike of the tower, it forgets the different, the weak and the inferior who love the God who is bound in the pool of salt and green water. And this removes a stone from the base and the tower collapses with a noise: the mute Elisa and the black Zelda that clean up the filth and the poop produced by white supremacy, and the aging gay Giles who draws pictures of white supremacy family eating green cake. People who have been rejected by society for their disability, their color of skin, or their sexual orientation who are unexpectedly joined by Dr. Hoffstetler, the leftist who prefers Human Values ​​over nationalistic code, to help the green God with the gills to become God again, so he can heal the sick, as in the fantasy. Because God too, as it turns out, sometimes needs help.

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