I will destroy

“And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.”

melechCome on Mate, destroy. Peradventure fifty shall be found there – destroy. Peradventure forty five shall be found there – destroy. Peradventure ten shall be found there – destroy. Just destroy, for God’s sake. Why do you hesitate, why? Shortly even ten would not be found, as they will be either dead or they flee. So stop thinking so much and destroy. Believe me, they will understand, the ten. Stop stalling then, because nothing good is gonna come of it. Just another fire, just another murder. So destroy. Everyone. Including the ten.
You know what, if it makes it easier for you, then there are not even ten. Four top. Out of which one is out there with the reserves to guard murderers in between conferences and talking points about peace. So it’s down to three. It is. For three shall you not destroy? Look what became of them: murderers and collaborators with killers. killers wrapped in metal jackets and murderers wrapped in prayer shawl. That’s what they are. So shall you not destroy?

Photo: Zakaria Sadah, Rabbis for Human Rights

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Which is better?

“Which is better, one Israeli soldier dead or one thousand Gazans civilians killed?”
(A common right-wing Israeli argument)

Someone has to die. That’s what I’ve been told.
Someone simply has to. Someone must die!..
Someone has to die on the right side,
Or someone will have to die on the other side. Which is better?
The right side or the other. The right or the other, side?
There is always a balance between the right side and the other side.
If someone dies on the right side, then nobody dies
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It does not offset

Scales of Justice2The question is, why the Israeli government is sending aid and rescue delegation to Nepal? Nir Gontarz asks this question in his article “Quiet, flying” (The Seventh Eye, 28.4.2015, Hebrew), and Nir Gontarz answers that they do it for public relations, or PR, for short. The Israeli government is pushing a self PR, or “Hasbara”, or propaganda, through its army and its delegation to Nepal. And Nir Gontarz is correct, they do. It goes without saying that the Continue reading

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Suddenly, People

nation600When the German Jew got off the plane or the ship that brought him to the Land of Israel, they told him he was one of the People, and threw him right away into the melting pot. He was wearing the same uniform, he ate the same food and shot the same Arabs. But when he took off his uniform, suddenly there was the People and there was the Yekke Potz. And when the Moroccan Jew got Continue reading

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What are you prepared to do about it now

knesetEmptyBenjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, announced loud and clear on election day that he will do everything in his power to block a Palestinian state, and the Israeli Jews supported him in droves. A serving prime minister denies the right of minorities to vote, also on election day, and the Jews in Israel rushed to support him. Continue reading

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Stockholm is wonderful in winter

stockholmsnowSo now I know that the difference between the Israeli Post-Zionist Nationalist camp and the Nationalist camp who still calls itself Zionist is who recycles more bottles and how much money they received in return. When the Clings to the crown kills son, and with it wipes out an existential threat general, only to stimulate the northern front in order to remain relevant, the challengers inform the nation that when guns roar, there is no coalition and no opposition, and all are one, and everyone should stand shoulder to shoulder, and when Continue reading

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Je ne suis pas Charlie

charlie1I oppose death penalty, and I don’t really care who is to be executed: A newspaper cartoonist or the Boston Strangler or a mother and a baby in Gaza or a settler in the occupied territories or a young man picking Akub plants near the West Bank Separation Wall or the soldier who killed him, or just anyone who was murdered by those who kill because they are absolutely sure that God or Law or Justice are on their side. I also oppose those who are willing to fight the fight of freedom of expression without being willing to take responsibility for the content of the very expression they are willing Continue reading

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