Stockholm is wonderful in winter

stockholmsnowSo now I know that the difference between the Israeli Post-Zionist Nationalist camp and the Nationalist camp who still calls itself Zionist is who recycles more bottles and how much money they received in return. When the Clings to the crown kills son, and with it wipes out an existential threat general, only to stimulate the northern front in order to remain relevant, the challengers inform the nation that when guns roar, there is no coalition and no opposition, and all are one, and everyone should stand shoulder to shoulder, and when there is shooting there is no election. When there is shooting we all keep silence!.. If so, then I just found another difference between the challengers and the Clings to the crown, in addition to recycled bottles: The difference between the Post-Zionist Nationalist camp and the Nationalist camp who still thinks they are Zionists is who is more prepared and capable of monitoring the silence during shooting, and who can make sure that everyone is shoulder to shoulder, and who would see to it that there will be no discussion whatsoever about why there was a shooting in the first place.
When the leaders of the Nationalist camp who still calls itself Zionist announce that based on the recycled bottles, the amount of alcohol consumed by the Clings to the crown and his family is equal to the average minimum wages of a million workers, the intelligent voter gets it right away. A-ha! If Clings to the crown drank alcohol equal to a monthly salary, then he must be drunk. Now, how a sozzled is prepared and capable of monitoring the silence required during shooting, or even tell the difference between a Zionist shoulder and a non-Zionist one. And therefore, they think at the Nationalist camp who still calls itself Zionist, the elections are a good opportunity to tell the voters who is a Zionist and who is not.
But God forbid to hold a debate on who creates imaginary existential threats and who intensifies those which are not imaginary, both being piled up on the Israeli doorstep along with recycled bottles, or the cynical use of the military for the purpose of election propaganda, or the failure of providing essential personal security for citizens, or the scandalous Defense Budget and what one could do with this money to improve the situation of those million workers who represent the amount of alcohol the Clings to the crown consumed, and got drunk. Or how about a debate on why nobody can afford to buy a house anymore, not to mention make ends meet. Or maybe a discussion about Israel’s immigration policy to ease the plight of the residents of southern Tel-Aviv and the asylum seekers, residents of the prison “Holot”, or once and for all how to solve the intolerable situation of reunification of families of non-Jewish citizens. And how about a demand for substantive investigation into the manner in which the Clings to the crown handles the greatest friend of them all, who saved him and Israel time and again when he was in needs to recycle bottles, or to veto a United Nation decision, and the direct line he opened to the House, bypassing the President, to effectively eliminate almost entirely the relations with that wonderful friend. Or maybe a short debate about the international boycott and the BDS movement and angry members of the European Union, or about an absent foreign minister and Israel’s relations with the world in general and with its friends in particular.
When the Nationalist camp who still calls itself Zionist puts itself for election, maybe it is time to tell the voters what they are ready to do to end Occupation, to improve personal safety, to save the voter from bankruptcy. Maybe some sort of discussion, any discussion, on any subject, to challenge the Clings to the crown, for the savvy voter.

Stockholm is wonderful in winter. White snow reflects the light, and helps see thing from afar. And what I see from here is an election with a potentially existential ending, but instead of a debate to determine the fate of the country, they are all busy counting bottles for recycling.

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