An update in three hundred and fifty words

IsrastinMapThe purpose of operation Shuvu Achim (Return the brothers) was not to bring back home the three yeshiva students who were killed in the West Bank, but rather to bring as many Hamas members back behind bars. And the goal of operation Protective Edge was not to restore calm in the Gaza periphery area, but rather to bring down the Hamas military capability. Because the State of Israel under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to liquidate the Palestinian agreement between Hamas, Jihad and Fatah, AKA the Palestinian Unity. So here is the outcome: Israel had captured a large number of Hamas members and detained them; Israel had killed more than two thousand people and injured twelve thousand others, and destroyed twenty thousand homes; but the Palestinian Unity did not evaporate, it was strengthened, and calm returned to the Gaza periphery area only until the next targeted killing, and Hamas – not only did he remain on his feet, but he continued to rain down punches and to dance like Muhammad Ali used to, like saying: well, hit me, beat me if you can. In other words, Hamas and Jihad and Fatah and the Palestinian Unity now tell Israel: You have two options: either you negotiate with us in good faith and reach an agreement now, or disappear, tomorrow. Because the two-states solution is pronounced clinically dead, and the only way to bring it back to life is by Israel fully recognizing the State of Palestine, with Hamas, Jihad and Fatah included, and full Palestinian recognition of the State of Israel, now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, but now. Because the alternative is the current situation, where De Facto only one state exists between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea, with a Jewish minority in controls over Palestinian majority, through repression and discrimination. And such a state is facing two options: Apartheid or democracy for all. Either way, it’s the end of the Jewish state as we know it, because no one will let Israel to sustain Apartheid over time, and democracy for all means Palestinian majority and Jewish minority with equal rights for all. This is the situation in three hundred and fifty words, and anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to come forward. But right now. Because the two-states solution is pronounced clinically dead and the death certificate of the deceased has already been written, and only the coroner’s signature is yet missing.

Ceterum autem censeo boycott Israel opus

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