Hamas already won

hanaswinHamas won. Not because four children who played soccer were murdered by the IDF on the beach of Gaza, and not because the IDF spokesman cannot justify killing of innocent citizens who are not involved in fighting, and even not because that despite all the bombing and shelling Hamas continues to launch missiles and rockets. Hamas won because he was able to burn the Israeli brains that its missiles and its rockets are capable of reaching almost any place in Israel, and the more Israel hit, the more missiles and rockets it can shoot. No matter how hard the IDF Spokesperson is trying, missiles and rockets of Hamas are targeting almost every location in Israel and he, the Spokesman, can not do anything about it. Nore does the IDF. At least not without risking to commit war crimes. And these are the news Israeli citizens have to face while Netanyahu talks about how successful the operation to dismantle the Palestinian unity government AKA ‘Protective Edge’ is. It is true that Israel is protected by the Iron Dome (By the way, thanks to Amir Peretz, the only civilian Minister of the Defense in the last four or five decades. The man might not know how to use a military binoculars, but apparently he had a clear vision of what was coming and made sure Israel was prepared), and it is also true that the missiles and rockets of Hamas are really not that accurate, yet, but Hamas made a point. And now the citizens of Israel have to deal with it. Albert Einstein once said – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So now, when Hamas already won, maybe it’s time to try some diplomacy instead?

Photo: Reuters

Pas D’Ennemi à Gauche noenemyonleft

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