The Seventh Seal

7sealTo dance with Death is a privilege reserved for those who have played with Death. To dance with the Reaper is a consolation prize for those who played with Death and lost. Because when Death put you in his sights, you can not win. The maximum you can get is a rematch. So you play and play and play until you lose. Then, when you lose, you dance with him, with the Grim Reaper, all the way to the cemetery. It starts with Death inviting you to play together. Usually by a phone call like this one: Hello, this is the Grim Reaper, GR for short. Do you want to play Knock on the Roof? I don’t! It was a rhetorical question. So these are the rules: I knock on your roof once. Remember, only once. As soon as you hear the knock, you have 60 seconds to hide so I do not find you. You don’t hide, you get to dance. You hide, you get to play again. Understand? Oh, and one more thing, bring the whole family with you. And what if I don’t want to play? don’t start, you should thank me for giving you the option to play at all. Taysir al-Batash never got a chance to play, but I gave him the dance, Me and twenty-one others. I didn’t give Hafez Hamed a chance to play either. He did not deserve it. But that was a modest dance. Just he, Me and five others. Yeah, I heard about that. and what was with the Koara family? I see you’re up to date. They did not follow the rules of the game. Had they followed the rules of the game, I would have given them a chance to play again. But they didn’t. So I danced with them as well. Me and eight others. And Awad Nuesra? You did not play him, or did you.This is a lie! We did play. I heard that his daughter spreads such rumors. So now she owes me one. So how many were dancing there? Eight. A small one, but hey, the list goes on and on. Do you really want to go through all the names? Come on. Let’s play. Ready? Do I have a choice? Not really.

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