How do you shut down a Military Investigation

metsachCheat. Cheat like crazy. This is how you shut down an investigation in the Israeli Military Prosecutor’s Office. And since nobody really cares who killed Yousef Abu Aker Shawamreh, then Soldier X who killed him, his comrades, his commanders, IDF’s CID investigators and MPO get a stay of execution until one of the party involved discharges and break the silence. And even then nothing will probably happen, because we know that the guys from Breaking the Silence are just shell-shocked bunch of kids looking for attention because their Mom was emotionally deprived and their Dad was not there for them. Do not take my word for it. Ask the father of Lubna Hanash. An IDF officer shot her, and they shut down his daughter’s murder case as well. Only a month ago.
It goes like this: The CID investigator asks you what happened, and you tell him about the Lieutenant Colonel who popped out of nowhere and shot the boy. How old is the child? Ten, more or less. Are you sure it was a Colonel who shot him? Yes. I was 10 meters away. And what was your role? I was the commander of the event. And you are sure it was a Colonel shot him? You already asked me and I already told you so. Where did the child appear from? From the yard east of the road. Did he hold something in his hands? No. Are you sure he was not holding anything in his hands? Yes. Then who shot him? The Lieutenant Colonel who showed up from nowhere and did not bother to introduce himself. Are you sure it was a Colonel who shot the boy? You already asked me and I’ve already answered you. Do you really think that if you repeat the question I’d change my answer? The boy was alone? Yes. There where no other rioters with him? No. He was not a rioter, he was a ten years old kid, and no, there was no one with him. Then why was he running? How do I know, maybe he was afraid of the soldiers. Could be? A ten years old child. Then why your soldiers say it was the driver of a Lieutenant Colonel who shot him? I have no idea why they say that. You’l have to ask them. Then are you sure it was a Colonel who shot him?…
Finally he scribbled something on the inquiry form and asked me to sign and I refused since things I never said were there on the paper. In that case, he said, we don’t need your testimony, and thank you for your cooperation. This is a true story from the time of the first uprising. When I wanted to make inquiries, an MPO Attorney told me I was shell-shocked and that the events never took place. So did my friends, by the way. Then if everyone says I’m shell-shocked so it must be true. Isn’t it? Ask the driver of a Lieutenant Colonel who shot Lubna Hanash. MPO has decided to close that investigation as well.

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