Why missiles are falling on Israel

bombgazaSo while the cannons roar and the muses are silent, I learned in Facebook that the reason why missiles are falling on Israel is because Hamas wants to throw us all to the sea. Well, if it is in Facebook then it must be true. But I think the reason why rockets are falling on Israel in the current round is because the Israeli government and its leader have decided to stop at all costs the Palestinian union between Hamas and Fatah. And it has nothing to do with Hamas wanting or not to throw us all to the sea, and has nothing to do even with the three yeshiva students who were murdered. The evil man Netanyahu does not want the Palestinians united. The evil man Netanyahu does not want Abu Mazen to speak on behalf of all Palestinians. So the question we should ask ourselves on the way for cover is not why missiles are falling, or why Hamas wants to throw us into the sea, but rather why the evil man Netanyahu is trying so hard, at the expense of the entire region, to break the Palestinians union. Maybe because if there is such a union Palestinians could present a united front while negotiating in an attempt to end the conflict. Maybe because the existence of such a union pulls the rug from under the argument that Abbas does not represent the entire Palestinian people and thus he is not a partner for negotiations. I do not know. My speculations are as good or as bad as any. But in the meantime the evil man Netanyahu promots his agenda to drive a wedge between Fatah and Hamas, and cynically take advantage of the murder of the three yeshiva students to bring back to prison through administrative detention hundreds of Hamas members who had nothing to do with the murder of the three, and sends a bereaved mother, still unaware she is, even though he already knew, to tell the world and the UN how bad it is to be a bereaved mother, and incites Jews and Arabs until they, the Jews, burn alive a defenseless Palestinian child, and sends Israelis to take cover from falling missiles, and tells everyone that Israel is actually the victim in this story. How convenient it is for the occupier to blame the occupied for the suffering of the occupier due to the occupied being occupied. And Besides, how dare the occupied to act like one… So maybe the reason why rockets are falling on Israel is because of the occupier being the occupier and not necessarily due to the occupied being occupied.

Photo: AFP

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2 Responses to Why missiles are falling on Israel

  1. Dave says:

    Your response does not answer your own question. It is just an anti-Israel outburst. Hamas behavior is irrational and futile.

    • Sherlock says:

      People under occupation tend to become irrational, and to carry out futile actions. It is called despair. Besides, this post focuses on the reason for this round of violence. So it is easy to blame Hamas for being irrational, but the blame is on Netanyahu who decided to do everything he can to break the Palestinians unity government.

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