What a nightmare

gabiFieldIt occurred to me that the Mother of Mohammed Abu Khdeir and the Mother of Naftali Frankel should try to meet. Alone. Without the UN, without politicians, without the military, without the police, without TV, without cameras, and especially without the Press. A small meeting of two Mothers who lost their sons. I have no illusion that the vision of the Mother of Naftali on how, if at all, the Israeli-Palestinian bleeding conflict should end does not match how the Mother of Mohammed would like to see it ends, and it is clear that such a meeting will not bring the slain children back home. But if the two Mothers will have the courage to begin a conversation, maybe there will be a tiny chance for a second meeting. And if during the second meeting a cup of tea with a cookie will be offered, there may be some kind of hope for a third meeting which maybe give a birth of a meeting between the Mother of Gil-Ad Shaer and the Mother of Mohammed Dodin and maybe they will be joined by the Mother of Eyal Ifrah and the Mother of Joseph Abu ‘Aker Shawamreh, and then more and more Mothers will join, bereaved Mothers and Mothers who have not yet lost their children, and together they will go to pick Gundelia near the Separation Wall, there in the southern Hebron hills, and then maybe the wall will fall, and no soldier will no longer be able to separate Mother from Mother and Mother from child. Maybe from a tiny meeting of two Mothers there will begin a great journey and maybe Fathers also will come aboard… Oh my God, what a fucking nightmare!

Drawing: Gabriella Kave-Tcherikover
Also please read: The speech Rachel Frankel did not give.

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