We are all guilty, guilty, guilty

fireNo weeds burned Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive. We, Israelis, did it. All of us. From our prime minister, the evil instigator man who tells us who we should be afraid of and why we should be afraid, so he could stay in power. Through our ministers who do not speak with the “Zoabi’s” at best, or offer to crush them at worst.  Through members of our parliament, the Knesset, the Jewish Home and the Likud who foment the fire, and those from the Hatnu’a (Movement) or the Atid (Future) who watch how their coalition brothers inflame the fire and do nothing. To us all, who let all those to fool us, mislead us, and lie to us, and after all that we go to sing at the square. Look how beautiful we Israelis are. We sing at the square. People are murdered and burned and we sing at the square. Do we really think that the rest of the world are just Jew Haters as we are being told almost every day? How far did this brainwashing go if we sing instead of screaming enough! Enough! Enough!. Someone close to me has posted on Facebook a few days ago a post comparing MK Hanin Zoabi to a bitch. That someone burned Mohammed Abu Khdeir just like the six who committed this horrible crime. This is how you join the circle of hate. And this is the price. That someone also told me that things you see from here you do not see from there. This is very very true. Anyone looking from outside do not understand how we have not yet been committed to the Cuckoo’s Nest. And not only because we liked an infamous post on Facebook, but because we let all these people lie to us and mislead us and we keep quiet and we keep quiet and we keep quiet when all these horrible things are being done on our behalf and we are supposed to scream and scream and scream instead. All of us are guilty, guilty, guilty. And now we are taking cover behind the heinous criminals, as if they were weeds who grew big in some dark corner, so we can keep clicking likes as if there is no occupation, and as if the occupation is not the only reason for all this craziness.

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