Fire, brothers, fire!

And you fold hands
Without offering help,
Without taking out the fire
The fire in the town.

khdirMuhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, human being, was burned alive. He had of course nothing to do with the murder of the three Jewish students near Halhul, in the west bank. He was murdered by fire because he was a Palestinian. Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, human being, executed by fire just because he was an Arab. For nearly three weeks the Israeli government lied and knowingly misled the Israeli citizens that “Israel operates under the assumption that the three yeshiva students are alive”, while the Israeli government and its head knew that the working assumption was completely opposite. They, unlike the rest of the world, heard the tape of the emergency phone call a day after the three were murdered. But that did not stop the Israeli government and its head from provoking and increasing the fire of hatred. The head of this government has extensive experience with fanning passions and hatred from the days of Zion Square and the infamous coffin parade. So this time this fire burned to death Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, human being, age sixteen. Please, do not tell me about weeds. My grandfather used to say that if the place is full of weeds, then the gardener should be laid off right away, and then to well plow the land, add manure and fertilizers and plant the garden from scratch. Because in the very place where they burned mosques and churches – they now burned a human being, to death.

Photo: Reuters

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