Self Defence

dodinI don’t know the name of the soldier who executed the boy Mohammed Dodin, age fourteen, three days ago, and I don’t have a clue why he did it. Maybe it was because he was overwhelmed with carrying out the evil man Netanyahu’s self-defense tactics and was distracted, and the Safety latch was off and a shot was fired accidentally, and hit the fourteen years old in the chest, with no malicious intent. Or maybe it was because the company commander gave an orders to open fire, and maybe he was not the only one to obey… That is the reason firing squads are built of several soldiers, so you never really know who fired the fatal shot that did the trick. Don’t take my word, ask the IDF Spokesman. Anyway, executions are always about those who give orders to kill and those who pull the trigger, with no questions asked. That’s how it is since the invention of gun, cowards and political goals.

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