The Cuckoo’s Nest

cuckooflipSo after the people of Israel had lost it and decided to enlist the Lord, and pray for the safe return of the three lost sons in mass prayers and television broadcasts and in the streets and in the yards and at the homes and in the plazas and in the squares and in outlets and in cinemas and at the wall and in the caves and wherever God may hide to escape all those who speak on his behalf as if they had a direct line but do exactly the opposite of what he would have done if he ever could do anything at all, and after the people of Israel had lost it and decided not to rely anymore on God and now cast their lot with the thousands of troopers with the red berets, those from the song windflowers and faces covered with black masks, who now parachute over the Palestinians in Hebron that grew fatter and fatter until it reached Jenin and Gaza, to turn there every stone and under the stone and around the stone and over the stone and behind each bed of each boy or each girl, or their parents or their grandparents or anyone who is not, who therefore is the immediate suspect, or basically anyone who does not carry a blue ID card and Uzi under the pillow and grenade on their belt, and so they now have a new opportunity to prevent anyone from being released or anyone who has already been released or will never be released or ever be released from being released, including but not limited to the land itself which was released and will never be returned, the land where Israel had lost it’s sanity, and after the people of Israel had lost it and decided that MK Hanin Zoabi was the one that abducted the trio, or at least had a hand or a foot, or a pair of eyes in it and therefore she was the guilty one, which made her at best a traitor and at worst a bitch, and to wish she was sent as far as possible and make sure that she had no way to return, and after the people of Israel had lost it and with it they lost the Press, the Press that was supposed to ask what is it with the occupation and what else it will inflict on the people of Israel that lost it, but asked only if it was time to pray instead, so after the people of Israel had lost it, after losing it altogether, they also lost any chance to understand they are being lied to, and that they are being lead by the nose where all those who have lost their sanity are going to, to the cuckoo’s nest.

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