This evil man is coward

netanyahurightThe blood of the three young settlers who disappeared, whether they are alive or whether they are shot dead, is on the hands of this evil man. On the hands of this evil man who did not miss any opportunity for that event to happen. This evil man who made every effort in his power to destroy even the smallest chance of a dialogue between Jews and those who are not Jewish in this bleeding land, in his endless attempts to kill the so called peace process. This evil man who designed, manipulated and built every barricade possible in order to maintain the bloody status quo between the settlers and the Palestinian people. This evil man who consistently put out any glimmer of hope, both for Israelis and for Palestinians, this evil man is guilty. And this evil man is not only guilty, this evil man is also a coward. This coward man is hiding behind harmful attempts of legislation so he can cry out it is not me it is them. This coward man takes refuge behind the back of the Palestinian President so he can yell you see it is him and it is they. This coward man covers himself with the Hamas blanket to tell us why he does not do and what he shouldn’t do. This coward man who uses three boys as a political shield , whether they are alive or whether they are shot dead, this coward man is guilty. This coward man is not only guilty. This coward man is also evil.

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