The brothers from Pyongyang

snakeMedicineAfter approving torture of Palestinian detainees held without trial, who dared to protest, the Israeli legislature told the World Medical Association his opinion about the organization’s efforts regarding the rights of prisoners and detainees. In other words, please do not bother the legislature with nonsense such as human rights or statements originated in Japan. And if the organization continues to express its opinions, controversial as they are mind you, then the legislature reserves the right to invalidate the organization altogether, mainly due to illegal funding, which, as we all know, come from foreign sources. Maybe even from the New Israel Fund. In addition, the legislature continues, he may consider the same towards other leftist organizations such as the International Court of Justice, and they will be free to go and look for their friends anywhere they see fit. Just not at the legislature’s back yard, where everybody is busy these days laying the infrastructure for collaboration with the lawmakers brothers from Pyongyang, after the joint committee which dealt with ways to prevent protests, came in with impressive results, and paved the way for fruitful future cooperation.

Declaration of Tokyo 1975
Hippocratic Oath

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