Breaking the Silence

shovrimShtikaEnThe Israeli Military Police investigator patiently explained to me that the difference between a battalion commander and a battalion commander’s driver is the military rank, and that I should stop telling him who shot and who was shot. After I insisted that I had no idea whatsoever whether the commander with the gun was carrying any driver’s license at all, he formally informed me that I was probably under a serious impact, and thus he must insist on helping me to write the statement. Just sign here, where it says signature. And he was right, my friends in Madison Wisconsin told me, a few years after the first uprising. Only we would call it a shell shock rather than a severe impact. And Besides, there was no boy of ten years old ever shot and wounded. So I told the investigator I did not care what the entire battalion told him, and that I was not handing out any free autographs and no, it had nothing to do with the military rank. And to my friends in Wisconsin I said they could continue fishing in Lake Superior for all I care. But deep down inside I knew that if we weren’t that cowered, then, during the first uprising, we might have marked today the twenty fifth anniversary of Breaking the Silence.

Breaking the Silence

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